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Highschool Of The Dead (Anime & Manga)

As you know from ANN or any other anime news updates, Highschool Of The Dead is in anime. Release recently in Summer 2010, and still on going (now the anime is still on Ep 10)

Honestly I haven't finish reading the Manga yet, but I heard from my friends about the anime has been released recently, so I check out the first episode.

Result?!!!! I mean my view?! I totally hate the animation!!! Not because of the graphic (which was quite ok, but I don't really care), but the animation as if the animation,......... (somehow I myself don't know how to explain)!

A well, let's say.......Too much boobs and pants!!! I as a young woman kinda really care about it, not because it's embarrassing, but what's so interesting about girl's underwear. Even yuri people not really interesting if it has TOO many pants. Well, but for sure it was specially made for guys.... (+_+')

From point of view (not really), the illustrator must be a pervert! Can't really say that the writer is pervert, but yeah! Which is pretty normal nowadays, where most anime and manga must have sexy girls with big 'twins' on their chest and view from below to show their pants. (+_+') Get a life!

Still I prefer reading the manga than watching the anime, cos every critical situation/moment of the scene MUST have the 'luring' view from the lower back, which is much less views (yeah yeah... I'm not horny, yet not a lesbian!)


Images below are not suitable for single-minded or narrow-minded person, as well as for young kids. But if you insist, just go ahead, and don't blame me for it.


I kid!! I just uploaded the less exposed images instead! >:3

Shaped Watermelon For The Season

Now that it is watermelon season, which has replace the pear and grape season.

I do really like watermelon that every time my relative when to any supermarket that we HAVE to buy one.
Unfortunately today I found out one of my friends does not like watermelon... reason? Too watery, not solid! (LOL)

In Japan, now that the season of watermelon, there are variety shapes of watermelon sold. With a VERY handsome price.

Photo below is a squared-watermelon which price at 20,000 Yen (USD 200), which caused me to REALLY open my eyes WIDELY.


There are also other shapes, such as triangle, pyramid, calabash and heart-shaped.

I found it really funny if i am to find someone willing to buy such stuff with that price.

Triangle watermelon is for 15,000yen each.
Calabash watermelon is for 15,000yen each.
Pyramid watermelon is for 20,000yen each.
Yellow watermelon is for 10,000yen each. 
Heart shaped watermelon is for 15,000yen each. 


Above photos were taken in Yokohama by Kirin from
To read the original post, click here 

First ITB Culture Night Is Coming

I am so excited about the upcoming event, which is the very 1st Culture Night by Institut Teknologi Brunei (ITB).

During this night, there will be most of the clubs in ITB to perform based on their club.

So there will be (as much as I can recall):

> Japanese Culture Club
> Korean Culture Club
> Dance Club
> Music Club
> Gulingtangan Club
> Choir Club

I cannot wait for this.


For former ITB students and and students, it will only open to you.


More info about the culture night, please visit this event link here

Sorry For No Post For A While

I'm very sorry about this, but currently my computer is having a problem that caused me to stop using my computer for a while. Even my assignment for my study also 'nothing-much-can-do'


But for the meantime, I'll try to post via email using my phone.. Please do give me some times.

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